General Workshops

Gathering people for a common purpose? Add an interactive workshop to the experience.  These are minimum 2hr events, can be tailored as half or full day (with lunch & tea breaks). Contact me to discuss.

Popular themes include;

  • Personal Development Strategies 
  • Teambuilding & Interpersonal Communication
  • Job & Interviewing Skills
  • Listening & Body Language in the Workplace
  • Dreams & Alchemy

*Further details about our workshops are available upon request



Our sessions invite participants to interact, to get in touch with how they think and feel, and be more consciously aware of why they make particular life choices. Discover what happens as you raise self-awareness, unleash confidence and your true colours.

Sample Length of Workshop:

2-hour Session

Delivery Options:

  • Attend a public workshop in your area
  • Engage us to train at/for your organisation
  • Also available as a live coaching/ in person workshop

What you receive:

  • Topic-specific hand-outs 
  • Experienced facilitator
  • Money-back Guarantee

Contact us for prices 

Our Books:

  • Self-Mastery series (NEW)- Book 1: 365 Paths to Love (Body Awareness)
  •                                           Book 2: Mindfulness (Mind Awareness)-Coming!
  • Be Your Dream (paperback)
  • Transform Your Life: 730 Inspirations (paperback)
  • Cosmic Synchronicity (paperback)
  • Self-Disclosure: Changes From Within (hardcover now/ paperback in June 2012)


  • Expand Consciousness Now
  • Soulwork: 50 Exercises to align mind, body & spirit
  • Harness the Energy of Your Dreams (Book 1)