Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within

by Liara M. Covert, Ph.D.

Talking to a stranger in passing on a public bus leads to risk-taking and huge rewards.

Self-Disclosure BookJust that simple interaction set in motion a romance with a partner 18,000 km away.  And from then on, nothing is the same.

Ever contemplate your priorities between relationship and career? Know the feeling of hesitation at the prospect of big life changes? What happens as you discover the best things in life are free?

With the revelation that love is why she exists, the author discovers more than she imagined.  The desire for more propels her on travels around the world.  She discovers that destiny involves an engaging dialogue between the mind and the heart. Are emotions, guardian angels, God or Higher forces the ultimate guide?

This adventure triggers revelations about self-awareness, healing and personal growth.  It isn’t only the journey of one person; this is a universal journey that invites recognizing and mastering fear on route to unconditional love and acceptance. 

Awaken the dormant parts of your true self and understand how to identify the truth about yourself as you are now.  Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within offers lessons learned and journal exercises to help readers unleash their own potential and experience limitless happiness.

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About the Author

Liara Cover photoLiara Covert has taken conventional and unconventional training in communications, cross-disciplinary studies and psychology. She feels privileged to learn from leading thinkers in areas of spiritual growth.  She is alumnus of CEDS, the Sorbonne and ISU (France), Oxford (U.K.) and McGill (Canada).  Her awareness is enriched by experiences in over fifty countries.  It is her hope to empower others so they build faith, trust, and confidence in their dreams, as well as in what they do not always understand.  This is her first book.

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