Cosmic Synchronicity

by Liara Covert, Ph.D.

Woman discovers key to life while caring for her mother with cancer.

Cosmic SynchronicityFrom the author of Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within comes a new tool to guide you to expand your own awakening.

Lasting change only unfolds as you open to awareness and truly listen to all the signs and signals.  Notice the nature of voices of body-mind-spirit and what you block out.

What would you say if adversity and every thought and feeling inside suddenly made more sense? What if talk of pending energy shifts and immortality of the soul are invitations to step outside the matrix?  What if every encounter is an invitation to love yourself more.

As you listen more closely, you notice questions arising within and opt to answer.  You sense everyone has opportunities to learn, forget, remember, allow and resist.  Your responses to everything guide your perceived destiny and what comes next.

You move beyond what you think you know in the mind to feel your way through timeless lessons.  Rediscover what part of you is and is not.  Your true character is re-emerging in the present.

Remember the choices to feel, accept and surrender as well as the alternatives you may choose and how they guide your existence.  You have power to transform your thinking and savour more joy.

Even now, you are accelerating vibrations in the heart field. You bring your shadows to the surface as well as begin to recognize the nature of self-created illusions. This is part of a process to empower you to awaken to all you are. The implications are staggering.  There is no end, no death.  Forget everything you are ever taught.

The truth is something else.  You transcend the physics of the impossible to reconnect with truth. You are no longer willing to compromise the real you.  The key to everything is unconditional love.  This journey is about strengthening your character, about being more alert to your feelings, and being empathic and compassionate with others. You are aligning with Cosmic Synchronicity.  Allow divine nature to reveal itself.

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About the Author

Photo of Liara CovertLiara Covert empowers you to step back from perceived conditions and recognize deeper messages of the heart.  She inspires you to raise self-awareness, to witness how you think and feel and gain new insight.    This book exists to find its way into the scope of anyone ready to take the next step in a more conscious transformation.  Her e-books include Explore Consciousness Now and Soul Work: 50 Exercises to align mind, body & spirit. Learn more about her radio shows, projects at the Dreambuilders Australia Blog