Expand Consciousness Now

e-book by Liara Covert, Ph.D.

Expand Consciousness Now offers a series of articles, tips and points for reflection. 

Expand Consiousness Now bookThey highlight we are each responsible for our own experiences.  This includes thoughts and emotions.  All that we think becomes our experience. Whether we think we have reason to believe or disbelieve, to know or doubt, thoughts can be altered.  Every negative thought draws attention to resentment, guilt, criticism, fear and anger. Moving beyond the conditioned patterns and rationalizing is part of this journey.

Expanding consciousness is about being aware of how you think and feel in this moment and letting go of everything else including; perceptions of the past, negative feelings, resistance and anything that appears to hold you back from self-approval and acceptance.  To love self unconditionally is to know in the heart everything is possible and only ever going well.

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